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Departure Alone The Sea

The coastal town in the north is home to Liu’s family, spleen and stubborn, and the grandfather Liu Shizhen, who lives in the village alone; the father who is hard-hearted and loves his face, Liu Weiguo; the son who loves his son, Wang Peifen, who is passionate about charity, and his dream of photography, making a hard life in the south. Grandson Liu Shouqi, but the family has not eaten a dinner together for a long time.   The annual fishing rain festival of the fishing village is about to be held, but the Gu Yu’s ritual of the sea is only the heart of Liu Shizhen and the old man of Lao Zhang. Three years away, Liu Shouqi, who suddenly returned, brought back the news of his marriage next month. It was a rare dinner to meet, but unexpectedly, the contradiction between Liu Shizhen and his son Liu Weiguo was buried for many years.   The arrival of Liu Shouqi’s girlfriend Qian Qi also brought variables to the fishermen’s family. The persistence and compromise between the two generations of fathers and sons, the inheritance and disappearance of the fishbone spirit, the opening of the city and the adherence of the fishing village, and the Chinese marriage under the house problem. It is gathered in this ordinary family of fishermen in northern China, waiting to be resolved in the days when the fishermen's day is open to the sea.

Genre: Drama, Family

Actors: Yang Lan, Wang Xiaoyu, Zhou Amateur

Directors: Yin Yuzhou


Duration: 110 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 15 October 2018

Countries: China