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Guan! Guan! Ospreys' Merily Call

 Gongzi is a brave and good general, and fell in love with the painter's daughter, Taohua. After a victory, the triumphant return came to reunite with the lover, but in the case of the special envoy of the court, he brought a reward to the son of the son and a poisonous wine to the peach girl, to show that the feudal ethics taught the door to the love of the door. Gongzi refused to be a high-ranking official, and lived in the tomb of his own living, and spent the last year with the peach girl who was poisoned. The son of the fine rhythm, the peach girl painting, the tomb murals and the ancient birds and insects wrote down this beautiful and touching legend.... This is China's first love, crossover, and suspense movie feature film based on the content of The Book of Songs.

Genre: Suspense, Adventure

Actors: Bo, Zhang Zhengyang, Haobai Jie

Directors: Yu Peng


Duration: 91 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 21 October 2018

Countries: China