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My Sweet Little Ass

The film's principal character is Jean Neuenschwander, who left his home in French-speaking Switzerland in 1956 for Canada, where he was soon appointed manager of a large luxury hotel in Vancouver. In 1971, he bought a house in Tangiers where he settled down a few years later, at the age of 51, for a cosy and opulent retirement. “My Sweet Little Ass” is the account of his personal life, which Jean Neuenschwander clearly takes delight in recounting. He is a likeable hedonist who manages his affairs and his pleasures with considerable skill. From this somewhat comfortable existence, Simon Bischoff subtly extracts a group portrait of the homosexual subculture of Tangiers, which for some has the power of myth, particulary when frequented by characters such as Paul Bowles.


Actors: Paul Bowles, Patricia Mynott, Jean Neuenschwander

Directors: Simon Bischoff


Duration: 0 Menit

Quality:  Trailer

Release Date: 06 November 1998

Countries: Germany