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Royal Medical Examiner

"Shu Qiang's masterpiece" Song Shao was shackled into Lin'an County and became a classless master. However, he was pulled back to the house by a female corpse who gave birth to a baby boy after death and a lumbosacral body. The practice of forensic work. Although he was caught in a dilemma under the double pressure of Zhishi He Shizhen and the county magistrate Zou Qingzhi, Song Shao still became a "forensic detective". Through the autopsy, he found clues and found out that this small Linjiang County hides a killing of 16 pairs. The mother and the child kill the devil, but just as Song Shao insisted on the justice, the murderous demon was thrown out, and the larger conspiracy and killings slowly surfaced...

Genre: Fantasy, Medical, Mystery

Actors: Chen Xin Zhe, Jiang Mengxuan, Zhou Zixin

Directors: Zhu Jiang


Duration: 87 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 23 October 2018

Countries: China